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There might be a million different reasons why a management team, a team of colleagues or an entire company may need coaching. For example, it may be in the face of an organizational change and there's a need for positivity and preparation for the shift that is about to happen. It can also be that there are prevailing attitude issues or conflicts in a team that does not seem to get resolved on it's own. On the other hand, it can also be about the fact that as a team you have high ambitions that you want to achieve and need coaching to understand your own potential as a team in order to actually start moving towards those goals.

Whatever the need behind the decision to look at team coaching, it's good to know that Tommy is a Certified Team Performance Coach by Team Coaching International (TCI). TCI's method is based on system coaching and research on what makes teams successful. TCI has also measured the improvements made by teams that has gone through the team coaching process over the years. Which is done with the Team Diagnostic Assessment. The TDA is deployed before starting to learn what is working with the team , and what is not working. After the time period with team session, another TDA is deployed which gives us an updated view on how the team is doing. During the team coaching process, we look at the two dimensions that have proven to be the most important - Productivity and positivity. What is the impact on a team after this you might wonder? Teams report an average of 30% improvement in productivity and positivity!

So let me ask this - Can you afford to stay where you are now?

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What does team coaching mean for you?

Being coached as a team is both exciting and challenging. Let's be honest, professional teams can sometimes be a complicated riddle to solve since team members can have different agendas and ambitions. Not rarely they hide vulnerabilities and insecurities, believing that they will be judged. The dynamics of relationships are simply put, complex. Tommy and his colleague therefore work with both the practical things as well as the team culture in order to achieve the best possible results.

Team coaching is not group coaching

When you and your team choose to work with Tommy, your team coaching will be based on a method called TDA (Team Diagnostics Assessment). It is a tool used to measure and analyze the team's views of themselves. It includes everything that the team considers defines them as everything that does not and the range in between. It is a systematic approach where there is full focus on the team's strengths and their development.

The method used is also based on Lencioni's five dysfunctionalities in a team. This means that your team during the work will create conditions that lead to everyone in the team: create common results, hold each other accountable, engage in decisions and action plans, have open and fearless debates and above all trust each other.

It is sometimes easier said than done. It is important as a group to understand what will be required when you decide that you want to use team coaching. Everyone will need to be involved, everyone will need to set aside time and everyone will need to get involved. What you get from Tommy and his colleagues if they come and coach your team are the tools you need to reach new heights and move your boundaries. What he demands back is will and commitment.

What can you gain from team coaching?

In addition to being a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and PCC-Coach, Tommy also has a specific certification in team coaching called CTPC (Certified Team Performance Coach). This means that he is certified through Team Coaching International. This in turn means that you are guaranteed a coach who has experience and access to established and proven methods for mental training and team coaching.

By using team coaching, you get the chance to reach your group goals as quickly as possible. You also get the chance to develop as a team for future challenges and future work. Coaching includes guidance in efficiency, collaboration as well as communication and personal development. It will mean a deep dive into the way you work today and in some cases it can mean a total change.

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