Scholarship for sports leaders

Tommy Davidovic's annual scholarship in mental training is awarded to the sports leader who during the year has contributed the most to the continued development of the subject area. Through a holistic leadership that contributes to both athletes' physical but above all mental and emotional development.

Tommy Davidovic Scholarship

Tommy Davidovic AB is one of Sweden's leading companies in coaching and mental training. We are passionate about increasing knowledge in our industry. Now we want to reward a sports leader who has actively worked to make visible the importance of mental training and individuals' emotional development in sports.

Tommy's sports scholarship is awarded to the leader who has made the biggest difference in the subject area of mental training and sports psychology. The scholarship is worth SEK 10,000 and is awarded once a year. The last day to apply is 30 September 2021.

About our scholarship for sports psychology & mental training:

Who can apply?

You as a sports leader or other association role can nominate yourself or be nominated by others by actively contributing to mental training, sports psychology and self-esteem. highlighted at the individual level as well as at the operational level.

The scholarship is given to the best motivation as to why this particular person has had an impact and contributed to the development of the subject areas in Swedish sports. The motivation may but need not be about any of the areas in which Tommy Davidovic is active, that is coachingmental training or teamcoaching. Motivations that concern sports psychology or personal development from a broader perspective are equally welcome to apply.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship amounts to SEK 10,000.

How do I apply?

Submit your completed application to The last day to apply is 30 September 2021 (for applications made during the autumn / spring of 2020/2021).

In the application you state:

  • Name Surname
  • Association
  • Athlete
  • Brief summary of why you or the leader you nominate is a role model in the subject areas and what has been achieved within them during the period that has been.

How is the winner chosen?

The winner will be chosen by Tommy Davidovic. Tommy will nominate the nominee as he assesses in his work best highlighted and contributed to the issues of mental training, sports psychology and self-esteem being highlighted at the individual level as well as at the operational level. The applications are assessed holistically, where creativity, innovation and a well-written, solid job pay off. The winner will be announced no later than November 30, 2021. The decision cannot be appealed.


Do you have questions about our scholarship? Send an email to we will return as soon as possible.