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Below you will find a couple of different options if you are considering starting mental training. If you just want to test what it is like to train on different mental parts, I can recommend that you start with my training program. It will both help you with a generally more comfortable mood, but above all when you have to perform. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a little more support and a process where you work with, for example, your mindset, self-esteem, performance anxiety or something else, I can recommend my three-month course Flow Academy Sport. There you get to train on your mental strength for three months, and you also get everything you need to continue afterwards.

I can also recommend my new course Flow Academy Life which I will soon release. It is created specifically for everyone who in some way wants to be able to get more out of life.

Training program for mental strength

Start your mental training with the world's simplest and most effective training program! This is for you who want a training routine that is both simple and only takes five minutes of your time per training session. The program is structured around four of (according to research) the world's most effective exercises in mental training. When you buy the program, you get my guide where I explain both how to perform each exercise and how to perform the program in its entirety. You will also learn why the exercises are so effective and what happens in the body, therefore the program and exercises can be used in all parts of life that you feel the need for. For best effect, you can make this program together with the logbook that you can download for free at the top of the menu. 

299 kr

Flow Academy Online Course

You want to perform at the top of your ability, but you have noticed that it is not always that easy. The pressure on you to perform gives you anxiety, worry and you will be disappointed in yourself over and over again. You may have tried to change your mindset in the past with more or less success. The effects are often short-lived. The reason for this is that most methods and tools only affect the surface of your problems and to get long-term results, we need to work with the core.

Welcome to Flow Academy. This is the course that for three months takes you through my method Flow-mindset and how you step by step build a mindset that not only allows you to perform at the top, but also helps you become happier, more confident and more confident while you can deal with life's ups and downs more easily than before. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to get a Flow mindset, not just athletes.

5999 kr

Flow Academy Life (advance purchase)

Flow Academy is a new course that will be released during the first quarter of 2021. Take the opportunity and buy the course at a greatly reduced advance price and be among the first to have access to the course when it is released! When the price is released, the price will be more than double, so take advantage now!

This is for you who want to discover what becomes possible for you in life when you get access to the best you have within you. The course will include everything about my Flow-Mindset method, how to create meaning and direction in life and more ..! Step by step you will work to give yourself the best conditions available to achieve maximum success and happiness in life. More info coming soon!

Advance price SEK 3995

Cognitive training for increased performance

What does cognitive training really mean? Do not let the words scare you away. This type of training has not been around for very long, but has in a short time been picked up by many teams and athletes who compete at world level. This is a powerful and portable variant that you implement via the Oculus Go VR headset (not included). Regular exercise means that you increase your ability to react, decision-making, stress resistance, short-term memory, concentration, etc. Which in turn gives you better conditions to both perform higher and enjoy more in the meantime!

* The price below applies to subscription to the program, there is an entry fee of SEK 500 which includes help with installation and training. The software only works with Oculus Go, which is purchased separately.

SEK 299 / month