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Personal development

Personal development

What does personal development mean?

Personal development is, as the name suggests, personal and means different to everyone. But by and large, it's all about you becoming the person you want to be and getting to know yourself on a new level. The problem with personal development is that it can be difficult to define because the concept has different meanings for different people. But what all definitions have in common is that they include some form of positive change. Here I will tell you more about personal development and coaching and give tips on how you can achieve personal development through mental training. We start by finding out what personal development actually is!

What is personal development?

A person can develop in many different ways, it can mean everything from changing jobs to becoming a healthier person who exercises several times a week or something completely different. As I mentioned earlier, personal development is about making a change and you should feel that you are developing in a positive direction. One can divide personal development into two different modes of change: the physical and the mental.

  • Physical change could be, for example, that you move to a better home or change jobs. 
  • Mental change means that you, for example, improve your self-esteem and your way of thinking

Whether you want to achieve a physical or mental change, the focus is on my methods to help you with personal development in learning to change your mindset and change the way you look at things. Always with the goal that you will achieve a positive change and develop.

How does personal development work?

Because personal development has different meanings for different people, there is no simple answer to how it works and no approach that will suit everyone. A good start is to find out where you are today and where you want to go, and keep in mind throughout the process that this usually takes time. It is common to fall back into old behavior patterns when trying to bring about a change and therefore a coach can be very helpful. In order to bring about a long-term change that means that you develop, the following is required, among other things:

  • Self-confidence 
  • Self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge
  • Meaningfulness
  • Reflection
  • Support

A journey towards change is well worth every minute. The change in your mindset will give you both more self-insight and greater self-confidence which can take you to whole new heights. And it can all start with something as simple as asking yourself the simple question: "What do I want with my life and how do I get there?".

Personal development and coaching

Support is one of the most important components for you to achieve long-term change and develop as an individual. Even if you have many good friends you can talk to and who support you, a coach can be what is needed for you to actually succeed. If you want to know more about coaching, I can tell you about it article which addresses both what coaching is and what to consider in choosing a coach.

As a coach, I can help you to personal development through mental training where you get the opportunity to grow, gain clarity, insights and increased awareness as well as the tools needed for you to be able to achieve your goal and achieve change. With powerful conversations, we can evoke action and deepen learning that is important for you to be able to grow on your journey towards personal development.

Coaching to develop

As you may have understood by now, personal development is about developing personally and this is something you can only do yourself. But with the right kind of support from a coach, you can get different ways of thinking that can help you incredibly much on your way to exactly what you want to achieve. 

As you may have understood by now, personal development is about developing personally and this is something you can only do yourself. But with the right kind of support from a coach, you can get different ways of thinking that can help you incredibly much on your way to exactly what you want to achieve. 

In order to be able to coach you towards personal development, I work above all with powerful conversations that lead to you as a client gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself and your situation and get the motivation to actually act to take you forward. With great curiosity and skill, we adapt our coaching to your needs so that you get that breakthrough you have not managed to achieve on your own. Here you can read more about the coaching we offer. 

Personal development through mental training

Do you want to develop and learn something new, get help to succeed in becoming who you want to be or just discover new things about yourself? Regardless of why you are interested in personal development, I or one of our other coaches can help you with mental training so that you can develop your ability to be focused, determined, confident and motivated. A coach helps you identify what hinders you in your performance and works to improve your attitude and your mental skills so that you can always perform at the top.

Mental training is suitable for you who want to reach your full potential and learn to perform at an even level. It could be that you want to work your way up in your sports career or that you have ended up in a slump in your life and feel that you need to move on to feel good.

Benefits of personal development

In addition to the obvious benefit of the great feeling you get when you succeed with a goal you have set, there are many other things that come with personal development. Even if you do not always achieve your goals, you will experience a more rewarding life where you dare to take on new challenges in a good mood. Here are some of the benefits of personal development that you can achieve through mental training and with the right tools that you can get with the help of a coach.

  • Increased self-awareness
    The path to personal development begins with becoming aware of who you are and who you want to be. If you lack self-awareness and commitment to your development, your focus is often on problems and obstacles instead of you putting energy into finding the path to the life you want.
  • Clear direction
    When you know who you are, you can get a clearer picture of who you want to be. With increased self-confidence, it becomes easier to make the right decision and find your direction towards a better life. With a clear direction, you can focus on the activities that help you reach your goals instead of sharing your energy on too many activities and tasks.
  • More motivation
    With a clear picture of what you want to achieve, it will be easier to see the benefits of the actions you need to take that may not always be so fun. Set intermediate goals and motivate yourself to the next step instead of the big goal that may seem a little too far away at times.
  • Manage crises better
    With mental training, you can get the right mindset to handle stressful situations in a good way and thus in the long run experience a more harmonious everyday life. This in turn leads to personal development and you will find it easier to tackle problems that arise in the future.
  • Better relationships
    You may not always have thought about it but some relationships can take more energy than they provide. Some relationships lift you while others pull you down, so is life. With the right tools, you can see which relationships have one that has a positive impact on your life and which are therefore worth investing in, as well as which ones you should not waste more energy on.

These are just some of the things I, as a coach, can help you achieve. Together we find the ways that work for you to become the best version of yourself and achieve everything you dreamed of!

Who benefits from personal development?

Even if you are completely satisfied in your life situation, you benefit from personal development. All people have something new to learn about themselves and with a coach you get the right tools to develop for the better. As an athlete, you can learn to perform better, have more fun and develop in your sport. As an entrepreneur, you can get strategies and tools to take your business to the next level and as an individual, you can have the opportunity to reach your goals and grow as a person in the meantime. In other words, personal development is something for everyone, both individual and group. With me, you can get personal coaching that is tailored to you, but also team coaching for sports teams and companies so that together you can take on new challenges and trials in the best way.

Personal development tips

Have you decided that it is time to develop? This is a good decision and something that is important for all people, even those who feel satisfied with life. When you start working with personal development, you will learn useful things about yourself that you will benefit from in the future. Here I take up some tips and practical exercises on how you can start your journey towards development.

  1. Personal vision
    Create your own personal vision with how you want your life to look like. Remember that you will miss all the goals you do not aim for, so it will help you if you write this down somewhere. Some also choose to add pictures that you associate with the things you want to achieve (a picture says more than a thousand words). Your vision can include everything from what career you want to what your family picture should look like and what you want to spend your time on in the future. When you do this, I usually say that your best guide is your heart and your emotions! It's easy to get stuck in your head and write things that others think you should achieve or that you have learned that "man" should have in order to be happy. So a rule of thumb is that if you do not feel inspiration or joy for your goals, you should think about whether it is really that important to you. Also pay attention to that inner critical voice that says that your dreams are not realistic or that it is too difficult. 
  1. Plan how to reach your personal development
    When you have your vision and goals clearly in front of you, you need to make a plan for how to achieve these goals. Find out how you can practically achieve your vision and then break this down into several small sub-goals, which makes the big goal easier to achieve. With a good plan, the path to your personal development becomes clear, clear and more real. I myself always work with my goals on an annual basis. This means that I use my vision to see where I am now and what I want to achieve in the coming year to get closer to my vision. Then I usually follow up some things every month, others more often or less often. The most important thing, however, is that my goals for the year ALWAYS act as a kind of compass for the moments and periods when I feel lost. So I go back to my plan to see what I should focus on there and then.
  1. Begin the process of development
    Once the vision and plan are in place, it's time to start your journey towards the goal. Create fixed routines for how you will work towards your intermediate goals and make sure to set aside time that you can use to focus only on the tasks that must be performed in order for you to reach where you want. For some goals, this will mean that you need to plan and maybe already book certain things for later. But of course it can also be that you take up small and short routines, or that you explore different ways of getting things done. For example, if you want to train more but always have difficulty walking and training after work, do not give up there! You may want to try exercising early in the morning or during lunch. Again, pay attention to that inner critical voice that judges your ideas without having tried them. Everything new is difficult in the beginning, until you get used to it. Keep in mind that everything in life is a long series of processes. All processes look different and take different lengths of time to complete.

Personal development and personal goals

Always keep in mind that personal development is just as it sounds, something extremely personal. It is about setting personal goals that make you more satisfied with yourself and your life situation. A coach can help you figure out what your personal goals are and how to best achieve them.

One of my personal goals is to teach others how to create the most amazing life imaginable. This is usually basically about learning two things - Maximizing their ability to perform and having a strong self-esteem. To describe it simply, it is about learning to perform so you can realize your dreams, but to have an inner security, strength and harmony so you have the ability to both take adversity and appreciate all the positive things in life. Too many people are great at performing, but useless at being happy. Nothing will ever be enough for them! In my work I have developed a model and method called The Flow Mindset. Flow is the state where we both perform best and are the happiest. The Flow Mindset is thus about building a mindset that allows you to live with flow to an increasing degree, rather than resisting all the events you disapprove of or are afraid will happen. If you are curious to learn more about this, you can participate in my workshop which I do in webinar form and is completely free.

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