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Christoffer Solberg

World-ranked Tennis Player

"Well, I could write a book about how much better it has become!"

Johanna Lind

Gold Medalist ESKA Karate 2016

"Tommy's mental training took me to a gold medal in the European Karate Championship. Never before have I've been this sharp and gotten my body to do exactly what I need it to. And the feeling is amazing!"

Rebecca Mauleon

Professional Dressage rider

“Tommy helped me achieve results and break a record that only a few in Sweden managed! I am becoming more and more surprised at what you can do with mental training! ”

Christos Gravius

Midfielder in Degerfors IF, Allsvenskan

"My mental game has never felt as strong as it is right now. My learning and growth have just been incredible!"

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Jacob Sjösten

Key Account Manager

"How does he do it? I don't know. I just know that he is brilliant. Tommy has unlocked my mind, my soul, and helped me see things I didn't even know I had in me. I'm speechless as well as filled with energy and joy."

Joel Thulin

Center / Forward in Segeltorps IF, Hockeyettan

"Tommy has been my secret weapon for more than a year now. In addition to being truly top-notch in his methods, he is also very committed and genuine. Every conversation we have is full of curiosity and insight, and I can safely say that without Tommy I would not be where I am today.

Before, I took hockey so seriously that I did not realize how my focus on results actually prevented me from performing. With Tommy's help, I have found my way back to joy and playfulness. We have built a strong mental foundation that I have enormous confidence in, even when there are storms. It has made me feel much more secure in myself both as the person and the hockey player Joel. ”

Johanna Frost

PT & Physiotherapist

“Better self-confidence, better attitude regarding training and competition in my sport and business coaching - has received a lot of help from Tommy and I always look forward to our conversations! Very few clichés, the more common sense (which I really appreciate). Would recommend to anyone who needed his help. ”

Beatrice Persson

Striker in FC Rosengård, Damallsvenskan

“Before this, I had only scored one goal for the entire season in my youth team. Now I have scored 14 goals in 3 matches and before that also more goals. "

Oscar Hed

Forward in Malmö Redhawks J18

“One of my best decisions in life was to start going to you Tommy! I have developed in myself, in sports but also privately. Now I am also in first place in the points league in my series! ”

Jennifer Ahlstedt


“This has given me insight into how I can deal with my inner negative voice, even when I'm just being ironic about myself. I have also started to like myself for who I am and my body complexes are almost gone. I love myself for who I am. I have also become more confident in myself and feel that I am the best version of myself that I can be right now! ”

Isak Andersson

Youth basketball player in Lobas

WOW! Going to mental training with Tommy has changed my life. To have gone from a person with generally low self-esteem and a lot of anxiety, to a confident guy who knows he can handle anything. Who no longer wonders if it was good enough, but is happy with his effort. I as a person have changed for the better, and this only in 6 conversations with Tommy. To put it simply, this has been the best thing I have done in my life so far and can STRONGLY recommend going to him.

Erik Sjöö


“There is a professional level to this. Every single thing you say makes so much sense. As soon as you open your mouth, it becomes an AHA experience. ”

Nabbe Malki

Pro MMA Fighter

"Tommy is by far the best mental coach I have ever worked with!"

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