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You are here because you want something more. You want to get the breakthrough that you didn't get on your own. You want to evolve, learn new things and transform into the person you could become if it weren't for your inner saboteurs holding you back. What would be possible if you dared? If you didn't care as much about what others would think? Or if you stopped identifying yourself with what you do or achieve?

Before you start coaching, you get a 30-minute call that is completely free and unconditional. During the conversation, you will be told what your goals with the coaching are at the same time as the coach tells you more about the process, how many conversations you may need to start with all the other information you need before you start. Click the button below and book your call now!

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The word coaching has different meaning for people. Generally speaking, coaching is about supporting others in a growth process so they can better meet their challenges and achieve the goals and changes that they want. So, what do you desire? To love what you do? Greater impact in your career? Deeper relationships? Or maybe work on yourself and your self-esteem? Whichever is true for you, a coach can help you close the gap between were you are now and were you want to be. You already have the answers you're seeking, but a life coach can help you find the keys you need to access them.

At Tommy Davidovic you will find coaches who are trained based on the ICF (International Coach Federation) and their coaching method. We have coaches at several different levels (certifications) and price ranges so you should always be able to find a coach that suits you and your needs. We work digitally, so it doesn't matter where you are geographically. Put in the next gear in life and get the change you are looking for with coaching! Book an initial free intro call and then choose how you want to proceed.

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that works for you.


Work individually with us. With coaching and mental training we help you create clarity, action and development that you need to transform you and your life into what you could only dream of. Carried out via phone or video call.


Group sessions through Zoom with specific themes and a process that works. The best of both worlds - a coach on your shoulder and a group setting that helps you stay the course and feel motivated to push to your next level and beyond.


Learn and grow on your own terms. Any time, place and pace. The advantages with online courses are that you learn in your own time and repeat classes and information as many times as you would like.


Do you feel like picking and putting together your own set-up? Maybe you want to combine different parts to suit your specific situation. No problem. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will see what the best solution can look like for you.

What is life coaching?

Most people have heard the words coach and coaching before. But what does it really mean? You might have tried coaching before, or heard from others who's had a coach. Regardless if you are looking a career coach, health coach or life coach, it's important that the coach you choose to hire has the right training. One of the most widely known certifications available today are issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is an organization that works to standardize the coaching industry in a way that ensures quality. Since the title "coach" isn't a protected title, anyone can in theory call themselves a coach today, regardless of whether they actually know how to coach or not. But what is coaching and what does it mean in practice?

Coaching is a very powerful way to develop people's skills, abilities and increase performance. Coaching can also help deal with problems and challenges before they become too big. To explain in a simple way, one can say that coaching is a process that aims to increase performance while focusing on the "here and now" rather than the past or too far into the future. Although there are many different models around coaching, all of them more or less agrees that as a coach you are more of a facilitator for learning, than an expert.

How does life coaching work?

There is a huge difference between teaching something and helping someone learn for themselves. In coaching, it is basically the coach, who helps the individual to improve their own performance by helping them improve their own learning process. A good coach believes that the individual has the answers and solutions within themselves, but also understands that they may need help finding them. To become a good coach, the coach needs knowledge and understanding of how the process goes, but also master the various skills and techniques required to help the client move forward.

A coaching session usually involves the coach and the client talking (either by phone, video call or physical meeting) with a focus on helping the client find their own answers. After all, people are much more likely to pursue solutions that they themselves have come up with, rather than the ones that are forced upon them. Still today, coaching is widely used as support for when something has gone wrong, but for many it has more and more become something that is used to get help to explore one's own goals and ambitions and then achieve them. To go from good to great, in other words.

What is the difference between a coach, life coach and career coach?

Today, there are a plethora of coaches who go by different titles such as life coach, lifestyle coach, personal coach, sales coach, career coach or job coach. The thing is that in coaching, there is really no such thing as a life coach or career coach. The coach shouldn't be an expert in the way we usually think of it when we hire an advisor or mentor in a certain area or topic. So it should not matter what kind of coach you go to as long as the coach sticks to coaching as a method and process. Still, as most things are not black or white, some coaches do bring with them specific tools that are better suited for life coaching or career coaching than other areas, and using a prefix to their title is a good way to let potential clients know what niche the coach works in.

Benefits of having a life coach

If you have ever experienced a coaching relationship, you know that there are many things you benefit from. The personal benefits of having a coach are many and can positively affect an individual's future if he or she works consistently with the coach. The process can help clients in many areas. Coaching is known to help individuals increase their self-confidence, work performance and improve communication. Below are a few examples of how coaching can help you.

  • Clarify goals and take action to achieve them.
  • Increased independence
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased happiness in all life areas.
  • Increased commitment and contribution to your team or organization.
  • Learning and growth on a deeper level.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Easier and more effective collaboration with others.

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