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Have monday’s be the best day of the week? Learn to set boundaries? Goalsetting?  Or maybe looking to get the butterflies back when you’re about to go home from work to see your partner?  Regardless if you know exactly what you want and need, or if you just have a feeling that something needs to change  Coaching could be the thing that helps you get where you want to be. Here is where you’ll get both the opportunity to reach your goals, but also growing and learning while doing it.

Tommy is trained as a coach through the ICF (International Coach Federation) in Sweden and CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in the UK. His coaching experience go 8 years back in time working as a lifecoach, career coach, executive coach and mental coach. During that time he has been working with entrepreneurs, leaders, athletes, teens and more. Tommy offers life coaching, career coaching, mental coaching, executive and business coaching in Malmö, Sweden or online for international clients via phone, skype or zoom video calls. So let’s put your life in the next gear and get the change you’re seeking with coaching! Schedule a complimentary intro session and decide if you want to proceed after that.


Most have heard the word coach and coaching earlier. But what does it really mean? You may have tried coaching before or heard about others who went to a coach. Whether you want a career coach or life coach, it’s important that the coach you choose to hire has the right education. One of the largest certifications available today is issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is an organization that ensures that the coaching offered by the coach holds a certain quality. Since the title coach is not a protected title, anyone can basically call a coach today, whether in practice they can actually coaching or not. But what is coaching and what does it mean in practice

Coaching is a very powerful way of developing people’s skills, abilities and increasing performance. Coaching can also help handle problems and challenges before they get too big. In order to explain easily, one can say that coaching is a process aimed at increasing performance and focusing on “here and now” rather than the past or too far into the future. Although there are many different models of coaching, everyone is more or less agreed that as a coach, one is more a facilitator for learning than an expert.


There is a huge difference between learning something and helping someone learn about themselves. Coaching is about the coach helping the individual to improve their own performance by helping them improve their own learning process. A good coach believes that the individual has the answers and solutions within themselves but also understands that they may need help finding them. To become a good coach, the coach needs knowledge and understanding of how the process works, but also master the various skills and techniques needed to help the individual forward.

A coaching conversation usually means that the coach and client are talking (either by phone, video call or physical session), focusing on helping the client find their own answers. After all, people are much more likely to pursue solutions that they themselves have achieved, rather than those they are forced to do. Still today, coaching is used as a support when something went wrong, but for many, it has become increasingly useful to help them explore their own goals and aspirations to achieve them.


Today there are various coaches that call different things like life coach, sales coach, executive coach, career coach or job coach. But in coaching there is not really something called life coach or career coach. The coach should not be an expert in the way we usually think about whether we would hire an adviser or mentor in an area for example. So it does not matter what kind of coach you are going to as long as it goes with coaching as a method and process. Then, of course, some coaches can bring specific tools that are better suited for life coaching or career coaching than other areas.


The word coaching means different things for different people. But in general, we can say that coaching is about helping individuals solve their own problems in order to achieve the goals and changes they want. It doesn’t matter if coaching as a method is used in business, life or sport. The skilled coach believes that the individual always sits on the answers to their own problems, they only need help unlocking them.


If you have ever been involved in a coaching relationship you know that there are many benefits that you can benefit from. The personal benefits of having a coach are many and can positively affect an individual’s future if this they are committed to their coach. The process can help individuals in many areas. Coaching is known to help individuals increase their self-confidence, their work performance and improve communication. Below are a few examples of how coaching can help you.
  • Clarify and act to achieve goals.
  • Increased independence
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased pleasure both professionally and privately.
  • Increased involvement and contributions to their team or organization.
  • Learning and development on a deeper level.
  • Communicate more efficiently.
  • Collaborate more easily and more effectively with others

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