Are you still looking for answers?

Right now I'm sitting on the train home thinking about today's lecture. Had a fantastic genuine meeting with Karlstad's pastorate where we talked about leadership and group dynamics. Prior to this assignment, I wanted to try a new approach instead of tearing down a 3-hour lecture and delivering a lot of answers and solutions on the subject.


One of my beliefs is to find our answers and solutions, so we must first ask the right questions! Questions are something that is natural in all people. It has been shown that children on average ask about 400 questions a day when they are small, but then they stop. Why? The school probably has a big finger in the game. Instead of developing our question, we develop in giving answers. And where is the right answer? At the back of the book? In my experience, it has been shown that this backward thinking holds people back rather than helping us move forward.


So before today's lecture, I chose to do something full that I have not done so far before an order assignment. I came to Karlstad completely blank. No answers, only equipped with questions and an abundance of curiosity. The result was a real meeting, and we had a moment together that was totally adapted to the issues in leadership that they are struggling with. They got to be involved and shape what we went through, they were involved, got to reflect and just that, ask questions all the way to the goal! 


So the next time you face a challenge or task, try starting with the simple question; What questions should I ask myself now? I think you will be pleasantly surprised at where they take you. And even if it may not be where you thought you would go, it might be where you needed to go.