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Are you thinking about having someone who can come to your workplace or organization to give an inspiring keynote speech, or maybe an engaging and educational workshop? Besides mental training and coaching, Tommy Davidovic also delivers bespoke Keynotes and workshops.

Tommy's background comes from the world of sports. After his own career as a basketball player he dived into coaching and mental training. For many years, he has worked with everything ranging from teenage athletes to top-level athletes - helping them achieve balance and perform with mental training. In addition, he has also coached leaders and entrepreneurs to greater success. As a speaker, Tommy has been all over Sweden as well as Europe as a speaker and trainer for some of Sweden and the world's biggest companies.

Tommy talks about his concept – The Flow Mindset. Which is about how the individual, the team and the organization can master flow in their situations and environments. The Flow Mindset is the principle of how one goes from resistance to flow through a few simple mindset changes, in order to create the very best conditions for both happiness and higher levels of success than previously possible.

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The Flow Mindset

by Tommy Davidovic

Real results

Tommy has been testing and developing his method for many years. It is a method that has shown an extremely high level of change and results to those who use it.

Science based

The Flow Mindset is based on neuroscience, human biology and physiology. It is about how humans actually work and how we use this to our advantage to gain access to the best in us.

For all life areas

More than a set of tools. The Flow Mindset is a way of being, a way of living. Whether you are an athlete, leader, parent or other - You are first and foremost a human being. And that is what we work with.

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