Meet Tommy

Coach & mental trainer
passionately curious
personal development nerd
and adrenaline junkie.

"Throughout my life, I have been on a journey to learn how to create the most spectacular life there is."

The road to answers

I have been on a journey most of my life to develop and create the most amazing life possible. It started in my early teens, when I often acted as a mediator in my parents' conflicts. At the same time, I was also very active as an athlete and fought to become a sports star. I saw how people around me had regular jobs, which they did not seem to like very much. At the same time that I was terrified of ending up there, I decided to do everything I could to not end up in that hamster wheel ..

Over the years, my own big questions have been the ones I think most people struggle with at some point in their lives; “What do I want to do with my life?“, “How do I build self-esteem and love for myself?“, “How do I set my potential free?And"What will make me happy?“.

For me, the path to the answers to these questions became a deep dive in, among other things, coaching and mental training. Two methods I use today to help others create the most spectacular life available to them.

There are many different ways I can help you, no matter where you are in your life journey. Maybe you want to start with conversations, or something easier. For example, one of my online courses, mental training programs or smaller e-books!

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certifications Tommy Davidovic

Education experience

19 years of experience working with people development.

14 years of experience working with coaching, mental training, leadership, group processes, training and change through conversations, lectures and in groups. 

Many years of experience working with diet and physical exercise.

Over 5000 hours of experience in coaching & mental training.

Educated and lectured around Europe on global organizations.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), via Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), via International Coach Federation (ICF).

Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC), via Team Coaching International (TCI) in Amsterdam.

3 years Sports Science program (internal leadership), via Malmö University.

ORSC Fundamentals Course (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) in Amsterdam.

Conversation methodology, via Malmö University.

Achievements & successes

Co-founded and designed a school. 

Co-founded and run one of Sweden's most successful projects to help young people (drop-outs) find their driving force and direction in life.

Mental coach for athletes / teams that have won European Championship Gold, international competitions, Swedish Championship Gold and two different historical Swedish records.

Former course leader for mental training at Golf- og ridsportsgymnasiet Sundsgymnasiet in Vellinge.

Won SM-Gold and SM-Bronze as a basketball player in div 1.

Trained staff within the Swedish innovation system in coaching.

A little more personal stuff

A few more things that you might find interesting about me

When I started middle school, I started coming from nowhere. This had its peak during middle and high school and then got smaller and smaller the older I got. I was terrified of speaking in front of others, but still ended up time and time again in situations where I spoke in front of an audience. When I finished university and started working, a big part of my job was to lecture. Fy va hard it was, but also very developing!

Most of my life has been about achievement and results. In everything that is important to me, I do not just want cruelty. I want to be best! I am a performer, a perfectionist, and impatient. It's going to happen now!

It also explains how hard and unreasonably shitty I have been towards myself all these years. This worked well as long as everything went well. But at the same time I have a history of low self-esteem, comparing with other and unreasonable demands - both personally and professionally.

I'm still a super performer, but I've learned that it's actually possible to perform and be super kind, super happy and super present in the present as well. Today I channel my achiever to become the best at not having to be perfect. Something that actually leads to greater success on all levels of life. I teach this to others as well.

I have never minded losing, it just makes me more tagged on fighting and winning next time. But because I love to joke and tease with others, especially if I win in something. Then the best thing is that there is a little friendly trash talk. However, it has happened that my opponents have been angry on more than one occasion .. Oops!

Today I would be classified as left-handed (in some things) and right-handed in others. But when I was young and started writing, I wrote with my left hand until I came to half the paper, then I changed to the right hand. I did the same thing when I played tennis - forehand on the left side and forehand on the right side. Teacher and coach said I should choose a hand and then it became left.

However, it got a little weird when I learned to throw the ball with my right hand. Then I had practiced a throwing movement with my right hand, which resulted in me not being able to serve with my left. Until I stopped playing tennis, I always served with the right and then changed to the left hand. Then when I started playing basketball, I simply became a right-handed shooter.

Those who know me well know that I have always had big dreams. That I want to change the world is not something I hold back either. I dream of influencing the world in a way that allows us all to learn how important our self-esteem is. To trust our own abilities and dare to do what feels right for everyone. A world where school is more than a place to just "pass the exams" and where jobs are no longer than "hard". 

Once we get there, I'm curious about technology that solves energy and the environmental crisis, teleportation, travel to March and so on….

Yes, we'll see what happens with 🙂 

I am hired from time to time to hold trainings or lectures in different contexts. My favorite topics are talking about flow and how performance, self-esteem and happiness go together. Some personal highlights have been when I have been around Europe at the mobile game company King's (Candy Crush) various studios. Or when I lectured at one of the Childhood Cancer Foundation's conferences. 

Yep, that's right. I have occasionally refrained from eating meat. I feel that I focus more on good and nutritious foods when I do not focus on meat.

I love creating things. Whether it's about ideas and concepts or visual things. I often want to sit with the graphic on my website or other visual things that I do. I like interior design, fashion and other things that have to do with design!

I have always been curious about life. The kick I feel when I learn new things is one of the most wonderful emotions there is. After I took my first coaching training, it gave me more taste and I continue to dive deeper and deeper. Since then, I have both trained as a Co-Active coach and also obtained a certification in system coaching. I am proud to look back on my process every year and feel how little I am actually could last year, but now I'm finally starting to keep track of stuff. 

Then of course the same thing happens the following year ..!

What is a person who is crazy about plants called? Plant file? I do not know, but regardless, it is a fact that I have somewhere between 80-100 plants at home (not including cuttings).

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