The world's first comprehensive mindset program for athletes that wants to win championships, sign big contracts and get well paid

While being truly excited and enjoying yourself

If you're an athlete looking to get the tools, the mindset, and create the best conditions to be successful in your sport with far less wasted time, energy and money – While being truly excited and enjoying yourself – You've come to the right place.

Whether you are already active on a professional level or aiming to get there, Flow Mastery is the 12 month program that helps you play better, win more and ultimately go as far as you possibly can.

With results like

"My performance has tripled in just 5 months!"

"I just got a score that only a handful of people have achieved in history!"

"I lead the league in total points - And I only played half as many games as everybody else!"

Does this sound like you?

Some of the things athletes come to get help with

You perform better at practice than competition

One of the most common issues that athletes struggle with is the inability to perform on the same level when competing as you do when you're practicing or just doing it for fun.

You would be so much better if only..

didn't get so nervous, lose your temper, had more confidence, stopped overthinking, wasn't afraid of failing, and so on.. Does that feel familiar?

You feel like your development has slowed down

You're not growing, developing at the same rate you used to, maybe you're even feeling stuck?

You want to find out how far you can go

But you don't know how to get there by yourself and you want to get help from someone who can help you unlock your abilities and innate potential.

You struggle to perform under pressure

Focusing too much on outcomes and what your performance will be, making you overthink and sometimes even overanalyze every move you make.

You struggle to perform without pressure

Sometimes it's the other way around, not being excited enough, getting to that level of focus needed to both perform and enjoy what you're doing so you can get into the zone.

You are aiming for a successful career as a professional athlete

But you don't know or don't see how to get there with the way things are now.

You want to become the best

You're striving for greatness, and you want to have someone in your corner who can help you go that extra mile.

"There's a simple reason why I have kept working with Tommy for almost 4 years. He makes me better, smarter and helps me enjoy competing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him.”

Christos Gravius

Professional Soccer Player

Review 5 min flow

Give us a year and we give you

The best season you ever had

Not only that, we will teach you how to keep getting great results, season after season. 

In fact, 100% of athletes that keep working with us after the first year actually keep improving their ability to perform. Effectively leading to better statistics, going to higher leagues, getting better contracts and ultimately higher salaries.

Below are some rock solid examples of results that we helped create.

World Championship gold medal

One gold medal, followed the next year with a bronze medal.

Became the team's top paid player

Athlete doubled earlier salary, plus a juicy sign on bonus.

all time record

Athlete in individual sport getting a score that only a few people ever have.

Best career season - 3 years in a row

First season we doubled the number of goals made, and 30% more assists. Player made jump to a bottom team in a higher league, keeping same stats for the season as previous year. Following (3rd) season another increase of 44% (both goals and assists up). Player now made jump to top team in the same league.

Best career season

Player was released from team, sent down one league, and had lost his confidence. With 7 years playing as a professional he went from a previous season's best of 8 total points to 23 total points - An increase of almost 3x, plus breaking earlier highs in both goals and assists!

1st or 2nd place on every competition for the whole season

Athlete started Flow Mastery after a disappointing season, and sustained an injury that kept him from competing in the last couple competitions. The following season was the first year in the highest league - absolutely crushing everybody and never finishing under second place in any heat.

Career best score twice in 3 days

After a couple of months in the program, the athlete beat her old career best during a competition. Only two days later in the next competition, she beat her new career best again.

First professional contract

Youth player went from being cut from training with the professional team. Switched to a different team, and 6 months later signed a contract with a better team in the same league as a player on the roster.

European Gold medal

Well, two of them actually. One in Karate and one in Table Tennis.

all time record

Team with first season in highest league breaking earlier record in most wins made by a rookie team.

Multiple offers on the table

Player was nervous, overthinking and not really performing in games. First season in Flow Academy lead to 328% increase in total points. The following season finished with another 56% (514% better than before). Also scored 3 goals in his debut in a division higher. Player then took a break from Flow Mastery the following season, came back to refresh after a disappointing season and performed at the same level as previous years in Flow Mastery, but in a higher league. Finished the season with multiple offers on the table for new teams.

Player of the year

Player went from thinking too much and not being able to perform during games - to being named player of the year after the following season.

5th place worldwide

First year in the program, athlete qualified for Crossfit Games world championship as #2 overall in her age category, finished 5th place in the finals.

Leading the league

Player still in the program. Has in just 2 games of the season almost as many total points as he did last season in 22 games.

“Everything with Flow Mastery exceeded my expectations. I went from focusing on all the wrong things and trying too much – To being able to let go, let things happen and enjoy competing. This is a transformation unlike anything you've ever experienced.”

Jonna Borgström

Aquabike World Championship
Gold -21 & Bronze -22

Stop wasting time searching for the next silver bullet

Do something that actually works!

So what makes this program different?

First off, one of the key differences is our approach to the challenges that people face.

The traditional way of dealing with for instance pre-game jitters is trying to get you more relaxed, prepared or whatever you can do to get your mind off the things that might go wrong. 

Let me tell you what the problem with this approach is..

It's a symptoms-based approach, and the problem with that is that it's solely going to focus the intellectual part of your brain. Sure, you might learn some good tools and exercises, and they might even work a couple of times. But then what? As soon as you're not as motivated as before or don't have the optimal conditions for them to work, they'll stop working.

Unfortunately, the symptoms approach is not only how most mental trainers work. Almost everybody does things this way. And if you are having these issues in your sport, having tried different ways of "fixing" it, only to lose hope..

Chances are you're doing it the same way.

Don't get us wrong – we're not saying that those tools aren't good. Of course they're good, because smart people created them.

So instead of trying to "fix" the symptoms..

Why not go for the cause? 

We believe that if you focus on the cause, unlearning limiting beliefs, and learning new beliefs that will actually help you achieve your goals.. Wouldn't that make the symptoms disappear by themselves?

Let's look at the pre-game jitters example. Instead of trying to relax more. What if we could make you less dependent on the outcome, to the degree where you can let it go and just be there – fully present and excited about the competition, without fear or doubt.

Now imagine what it could mean for your performance if we would do this to all the things holding you back..

Rewire your brain for peak performance,

flow, growth and enjoyment

undo limiting thoughts and behavior patterns

That is putting limitations on you and what's possible. We work with the root causes of what's holding you back, not just the symptoms.

Silence your inner critic

Is essential stop overthinking so you can get into the zone and the flow state as often and simply as possible.

Develop real mental strength

So you can endure adversity and turn challenges into opportunities.

crystal clear goals

Get clarity on your goals and the steps along the way. Create the perfect process that helps you focus on doing the things that have the greatest impact on your results, helps you stay motivated, and fulfilled.

Build your self-esteem

Why self-esteem? Because this is one of the most important building blocks to all kinds of performance, as well as happiness. A strong sense of self will free you from the fear of failure, criticism and much more.


Develop the self confidence to let go of control so you can let yourself be present, focused and

“This is something everyone should invest in. At first, I was skeptical if it was even possible for me to make that big of a change. But looking back 1.5 years later and seeing how much I have grown, I can barely recognize who I was before.”

Elin Klevmarken

Pro Floorball Player

The Five Phases of

Flow Mastery


"Hiring Tommy was one of my best decisions so far in my career. He has made me see things completely differently, let go of the pressure on myself, and enjoy competing. Can highly recommend him!”

Anton Gole

Professional Motocross Driver

Your Success Path to

Flow Mastery


"Tommy has not only helped me become mentally stronger. He is the reason for the change that I never thought could be this big. My focus, concentration, mental endurance, inner peace, and the ability to see opportunities and be able to grow in adversity are just some of the things I have gained so far. I have already gotten my investment back several times over.”

Kent Björnberg


The Method behind

The Magic

“WOW! This changed my life. I've gone from someone with generally low self-esteem and lots of anxiety, to a confident person who knows he can do anything. Simply put, this has been the best thing I've ever done and I can STRONGLY recommend going to Tommy.”

Isak Andersson

Elite Basketball Player

Hi! I'm Tommy Davidovic

My life has more or less always been about how to achieve great things and being happy and fulfilled while doing them.

That passion started in my mid teens, and at 19 years old – I got my first job, working with individuals, groups and personal development. Yes, I am one of those coaches that has been in the business of helping people grow all my professional life. And looking back, almost 20 years later, a lot of cool stuff has happened.

As a coach, I've done some of the best trainings in the world, with the certifications that come with them (CPCC, CTPC & PCC), as well as a full 3 years of Sports Science at Malmö University. 

My methods have been used by World Champions, European Champions and historic record holders in several different sports. I've worked with millionaires, entrepreneurs and leaders in many different areas.

I've worked with global and national organizations in industries like finance, non-profit, television, mobile games, computer games, sport, music and more.

A huge part of my success is that I don't do things the conventional way, because that leads to boring, conventional results. I've found that when doing things differently – you can not only get greater impact, but also long lasting impact.

I'm ready coach!

How do I join?

Press the button below to schedule a free strategy call. When you've picked a date and time, you'll get to fill in your contact info and answer a couple of questions about yourself. 

From there, your answers will land in my inbox and one of two things will happen. I might decide that we're not a good fit or that this program isn't the right thing for you, in which case I will kindly let you know. 

Or, I see that we could be a great fit and this might be perfect for you – we'll go ahead with our call and see how we feel after that.

We do have a limit on the amount of spots that are available in the program at any point in time. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. If the program is full, you can be put on a waiting list to join at the first possible availability.

The Power of Flow Mastery

Listen to what others are saying about us

Take yourself to the next level

Flow mastery alumni share their experience

“Tommy has been my secret weapon for the last couple of years. It goes without saying that his methods are world class, and as a coach there is no one more passionate and authentic. Since starting Flow Mastery, every season has led to a new step in my career. There's no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be where I am today without him"

Joel Thulin

Elite Hockey Player

From: The desk of Tommy Davidovic,
Two: The athlete considering joining Flow Mastery,

If you came this far and started reading this, it's clear to me that you're someone who is serious about what you do, values quality, and wants to give yourself the very best conditions to achieve greatness. Which means that you're my kind of person, and someone that I would love to work with.

It doesn't matter if you're an athlete who is already at the top in your sport or someone who's working hard to get there. Let me tell you exactly what type of person Flow Mastery is for, and who it's not for. That way, you can make the decision that is best for you. 

Are you someone who knows that you've barely tapped into your potential on the inside and still have a lot to give?

Are you someone who is curious about how far you might go, if you had the right tools to get there?

Are you someone who wants to bring back joy and excitement into your sports?

Are you someone who wants to learn how to get yourself into the zone and get peak performance at will?

Are you someone who wants to learn and grow even more than ever before? 

Then Flow Mastery is perfect for you.


If you are someone looking for a magic pill that requires no effort, a quick fix, or you feel like nobody can teach you anything...

Then this is not for you.

Save your money because Flow Mastery is not your chance to hire us to do the work for you, and it is not your excuse to stop challenging yourself.

None of my elite sports clients came to the top level by taking the easy road. Just like nobody ever finished anything by not acting, thinking "I'll start next month". They either went all in, or not.

Creating these changes and getting the results you want is not difficult. It does however take time, persistence, and endurance. 

So if you are willing to invest that in yourself, then I want to be an important part of supporting you in doing things you never thought possible until now.

In case I missed something


Below are some of the most common questions that we get asked. If there's something we haven't covered, you're very welcome to reach out – either by chatting with us or via email.

This program was created on the same principles that I used on myself over 10 years ago. I was at a low point in my life and had given up on sports psychology and what all the personal development books were saying. That's when I started looking elsewhere and found the answers that were all pointing to the same answers – Neurology and physiology. Which is a large part of why this works on basically everyone who follows it. 

You're expected to do the work, test, and try the things you learn along the way. You will also need to reflect and share how things are going, and engage with your peers.  

There are some activities that are planned and some that are for you to decide how much you want to do. Besides using the things you learn when you need them..

We recommend that you attend as many group sessions as possible (1-1.5h/week). 

Initially, you will also have some recorded material to go through so you can learn all the theoretical stuff (about 45 min/week, first 4 months).

The only thing left are your small routines (1-5 minutes some time before and after activity).

Think about it this way: If you were to hire a personal trainer to work on your physical strength – would you expect things to be radically different in 3 months? What about 6 months? The same thing goes here.

In our experience it takes 8-14 months to automate this new mindset. Not only to the point where you deep down actually believe the things you've learned, but also making it effortless. 

This program is a fully comprehensive mindset program, created to give athletes everything they need to start performing at their peak level consistently. Not just a collection of tools, but a complete system that takes you from 0 to 100. The mindset you walk away with from Flow Mastery will prepare you to face any situation, both on and off the court.

Generally speaking, most mental trainers/sports psychologists are trained to work with the symptoms of your issues, Tommy's approach is to go after the cause. 

When it comes to a psychologist, their background is in health care. They are trained to diagnose and treat issues around mental health. Contrary to what you might have been told (Unless you suffer from mental health issues) – There is nothing that needs to be fixed with you – And you would probably do better working with someone specialized in sports and performance.

We're absolutely sure that you will love this if you give it a try. However, if you for any reason feel like this is not worth your time and money, we offer you a 30 day full return on any investment you've made. On top of that you get to keep all the materials and everything you've learned for that month – plus we will also throw in an extra €10 and buy you a falafel wrap.

To work only 1:1 with Tommy you will need to apply by following this link.

Be advised that there are only a handful of spots available each year and to qualify you will need to be at the top level in your sport.

You can choose to pay either the full amount upon start, or split pay (3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months).

We have athletes who come back year after year to continue learning, growing and going even deeper. The power of Flow Mastery comes from learning and experiencing together with Tommy and everyone else in the group. After the first year everyone who continues gets a 50% discount.

If you decide to try going solo, you will still have lifetime access to all the videos and other materials that you've gotten in the program. You will also have lifetime access to the private community where you can come back and ask questions, be inspired and get support.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Use the chat in the corner or book a free discovery call

Let's talk about your goals, your needs and if this is the right program for you.