Flow Mastery

Before you go any further, there are some things you need to know.

What is Flow Mastery?

Flow Mastery is a 12-month coaching program that aims to teach you how to get maximum flow and minimum resistance in your life. You learn to maximize your performance, your development and above all your joy. You get clarity in your big questions, presence in life, stronger self-esteem while we build healthy habits. All for you to have the success you seek in all parts of your life.

Most often, people are not aware that they have created their own negative feelings and beliefs. I help them identify these blockages so that we can remove or replace these thoughts with more strengthening thoughts to achieve success in all areas of life.

I coach my clients with a focus on two things:

1) To provide clarity on what prevents you from achieving higher levels of personal success (usually by training your mental skills). This will help you discover opportunities you did not see before.

2) Helping to change mindsets - this includes adjusting behaviors along with changing attitudes which leads you to different results than if you only focus on changing your actions / behaviors.

I am a dynamic, methodical and practical coach with many years of experience and a wide range of skills. This sometimes means that I take on the role of a coach, where I make visible, ask questions and challenge you to discover yourself and your way forward.

Other times I take the role of an advisor, where I teach you my method "The Flow Mindset" - So you can learn both the method and the tools you need to maintain your changes long-term and create a true flow that makes you unstoppable, regardless what you do in life.

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

What does it cost?

Is one of the first questions people ask. And here comes my answer.

This is not cheap

Major changes require their investment.

You will also need to do the "job", test, train and implement what you learn along the way. You will also be challenged in ways that are both exciting and uncomfortable. (But you probably also knew that deep down). 

Why am I telling you this? 

Easy. Because I want you to succeed, and with me on the road, we will make sure that you do not get caught in the swamp of excuses or hindered by your brain ghosts.

Will this be twelve months' hell?

Absolutely not! It will be both hard and fantastically fun, inspiring and educational. We will not try to move mountains over a day, but with small, small steps every day you will see over time, that you start to see things differently and tackle your challenges differently. To the point where you both become and realize that you have become unstoppable. 

In the end, this will be the best thing you have ever done (at least top 3 ;-), and worth your investment many times over.

This is how it works

The application process begins with entering your email address in the field below. Then you are sent on and get to answer some questions about your innermost secrets (Joking, it's just a few questions about who you are and why you want to do this). Do not worry, you do not have to have the world's most thoughtful answers to these questions. I'm just trying to clear out the "tire kicks".

When your application lands with me, I will review it. Should I feel that this is not right for you, I will contact you and say it in a nice way. If, on the other hand, I see that we could be a good match, I will contact you to book an unconditional call where we can talk further. I will not try to sell you anything during the conversation, if you want to get started, that's great. And if you do not want it, then of course it is also perfectly okay.


Although it can happen a lot in a short time, one of the biggest reasons to work for a long time is simply that the brain needs time for us to be able to automate your mindset so it takes care of itself. 

In my experience, it usually takes between 8-14 months before what you have learned on an intellectual level becomes so strong in you that you also feel it is emotional as well. The advantage of combining mental training with coaching has been shown in studies where it was seen that the results of coaching lasted in the long term.

No, you choose how you want to set up the payment. Some choose to pay everything at once and others split it monthly.

My method is based on human physiology and neurology. As long as you follow the process, there will be positive changes for you. Then you just need patience and perseverance. The process is not difficult to follow, it only requires a few minutes a day. Simple and efficient.

Okay, let's look at the worst case scenario.

Scenario 1: A few calls into the program, you feel that we do not click or that this does not feel right for you. You bring this up with me and we're trying right. We give it a few chances and three calls later so there is no improvement. Then we break and you get 100% of the money you paid in back, plus I throw in a hundred extra so you can buy a falafel (or two).

Scenario 2: You complete the entire program and do everything you have to do, but still do not get any changes. Then we do the same thing (All money back, plus falafel).

No matter what, my falafel insurance is included in the program.

** Why falafel? Like all true Malmöites, we are of course proud of our falafels.

Then you stop. I will never force you to continue or want to make money on you if you do not get value from our relationship. With that said, I have a notice that means you say two calls in advance. Of course you do not have to use these two calls, but I would like us to get a chance to talk about it (no one wants to be dumped on sms :-). 

Okay, that's not why (maybe a little), but above all it's because it's easy to start doubting when it's going to be difficult, and then all the excuses and reasons why you should postpone your change to "after the summer" , "After New Year" or that it is just not "the right time right now".

These two conversations have saved many from giving up and often it has been the experience that has become the springboard to the fact that changes have begun to take place after that.

But, should you still want to quit, we will round off after the second call and separate. With the knowledge that you are of course welcome back if something changes.

Anyone who wants to maximize the shit out of life. 

My clients consist of athletes at everything from youth level up to world level. Entrepreneurs, leaders and entrepreneurs. Private individuals with all sorts of situations. As well as companies that want to develop their leaders or employees.

Generally, there is usually a waiting time of between 2-3 months (which also shows how good this is ;-). 

Then, of course, it can happen that for some reason there is a gap earlier due to interruptions or dropouts, but it is rare that it does not count on it.

Otherwise, it is first come, first served. Once you have been able to get started, this of course means that we will have regular conversations.

Of course, I want everyone who wants to have the opportunity to go to me. That's why I've also created a program called Flow Academy that is both affordable and incredibly affordable. In Flow Academy you not only get a 12 month program, you also get access to my app (available on iOS / android), a private community and live sessions with me. See mine for free webinar to know more about Flow Academy.

The first step is always the toughest.

You TOOK it!

Now to the questions…