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The 5 min flow

The 5 min flow is the program that is created for you to easily get started with mental training and help you perform when you need it. With this program you get a complete and detailed guide on how to set up your own "5 minute flow". The program is based on the four exercises that have been shown to have the most beneficial effect on performance, according to research. Create your own flow like thousands of others have already done with my program!


The program consists of the four most effective tools in mental training that we know today. You get my detailed guide that goes through how to use the program and the exercises, both in performance and outside.


You read that right! Your program will only take five minutes of your time, about 5 days a week. Stop boring exercises that you do a few times and then fail to maintain in the long run!


The program is designed to work based on how your physiology works. All exercises are selected to put you in the best situation to achieve Flow and thus maximize your performance.

Johanna Lind

Gold Medalist ESKA Karate 2016

"Tommy's mental training took me to a gold medal in the European Karate Championship. Never before have I've been this sharp and gotten my body to do exactly what I need it to. And the feeling is amazing!"

Review 5 min flow

Christos Gravius

Midfielder in Degerfors IF, Allsvenskan

"My mental game has never felt as strong as it is right now. My learning and growth have just been incredible!"

Rebecca Mauleon

Professional Dressage rider

"Tommy helped me reach results that only a few people in Sweden ever did! I'm getting more and more surprised over the possibilities that mental training brings!"

Christoffer Solberg

World ranked Tennis Player

"Well, I could write a book about how much better it has become!"

Who is this for?

The 5 min flow is for you who:

Is an athlete, achiever or something else and wants to be able to get balance in the mind and your achievements.

Want to learn how to focus on the right things to increase your performance and have more wonderful experiences 

Regardless of level, want to get started qualitative mental training.

Who understands that mental training takes time and over time can give amazing results in all parts of life.

The 5 min flow is NOT for you who:

Who is not prepared to spend 5 minutes a few times a week.

Who believes in "quick-fixes" and expects the tools to solve all your problems.

Who is not prepared to become uncomfortable, let go of control and trust the process.

Your new workout routine for less than the cost of a lunch.

Only SEK 79