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You have been taught that success lies in your achievements and getting things done. That being successful is defined by the job you have, what you look like or the lifestyle you lead. Happiness only comes once you've reached your goals, and that is why you constantly have to strive forward. So you spend your life with the belief that "when you've reached x" or "when you get y", then and only then, can you finally relax and be happy.

But let's be honest.. How many voices in your life (yes even coaches and others) keep selling you the idea that if you use this tool, that method, buy their program or book - that then you will finally succeed and get everything you want and dream of.

You won't.

When you struggle they tell you to fight harder, more, better. If you're not succeeding, you dont want it bad enough. Just do it. 

But that haven't worked before and it won't work now.

Even though I have created a reputation as an expert on how to help people get flow and unlock their potential, the truth is that what I teach goes far beyond sports, business, tools and methods. My clients quickly realize that my real focus is (and always have) in shifting your mindset, changing the way you see things and from there - start being in flow. From that space, you truly are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

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The Flow-Mindset method is simple


You can have the best methods in the world at your disposal. However, that doesn't mean a thing if you don't have the mental strength to wield them. Instead of just working on the symptoms, The Flow-Mindset is made to focus on the cause. By working on what you do as well as who you are, there is nothing else than total transformation.


Why make it complicated when it can be simple? Human physiology is made to give us the best conditions for success. By knowing how your brain, body and driving forces work, you'll be able to use that knowledge to you advantage. Suddenly you will go from trying too hard to make things happen... To letting it happen by itself.


Your mindset is a part of how you look at everything from challenges to adversities and life in general. The Flow-Mindset is a perspective in life that teaches you how to meet life in a way that radically increases your ability to create success, regardless if you're on the court, in relationships, your career and everything else.

Program for mental training

This program is a simple and incredibly effective short routing for mental training that makes a difference today. Simple to start with and gives you access to some of the best exercises that exists.

Flow Academy

Short and fast-paced, online crash course in The Flow-Mindset with Tommy Davidovic. You'll get to learn about mental training, the 4 beliefs that stops you from success and happiness. And how The Flow-Mindset method works. Reado more and reserve your free spot.

Flow Mastery

The Flow Mastery program is for you who want's to master flow in order to get to the top of what's possible in your sport, career or life in general - while living a life of freedom, excitement, inner peace and happiness.

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