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You have been taught that success lies in performance and getting things done. That being successful is defined by the job you have, what you look like or the lifestyle you lead. You will only get to be happy once you've reached your goals, and that is why you constantly have to strive forward. So you spend your life with the belief that "when you've reached x" or "when you get y", only then, can you finally relax and be happy.

But let's be honest.. How many voices in your life (yes even coaches and others) keep selling you the idea that if you use this tool, that method, buy their program or book because then you will succeed and get everything you want. You wont.

When you struggle they tell you to fight harder, more, better. If you're not succeeding, you dont want it bad enough. Just do it. But it has'nt worked before and it won't work now.

Even though I have created a reputation as an expert on how to help people get flow and unlock their potential, the truth is that what I teach goes far beyond sports, business, tools and methods. The ones that work with me quickly realize that my real focus lies (and always have) in shifting your mindset, changing the way you see things and from there start living in flow. From that space, you are truly an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

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Work one-on-one with me. With the help of coaching and mental training, I will support you in creating the clarity, growth and action that you need to transform yourself and your life into the life of your dreams. We do sessions over phone, video or in-person.


Group sessions through Zoom with specific themes and a process that works. The best of both worlds - a coach on your shoulder and a group setting that helps you stay the course and feel motivated to push to your next level and beyond.


Learn and grow on your own terms. Any time, place and pace. The advantages with online courses are that you learn in your own time and repeat classes and information as many times as you would like.


For the organization, sports club or the team. We tailor everything according to your need. That can be an inspiring keynote-presentation, a workshop, learning process or a team coaching process for the sports team or your team at work. Either way, you want the tools and the insights you need to reach the stars. Here you will get both.

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Questions you might have in your search for the right coach.

In short, you can say that coaching is about helping you find clarity in what a truly fulfilled life looks like. While getting help and being challenged to think differently, see new perspectives and find the inner resources you need to be able to achieve your goals and dreams in the short and long term.

Mental training is a little different and can be used to help you both perform better and feel better. It can be about learning how to handle pressure and stress, creating focus or gaining a stronger self-esteem. Tommy uses the world’s most effective mental training methods. When you hire him, you get both coaching and mental training, depending on what you need.

The title “coach” is not protected like a psychologist or a lawyer, which means that basically anyone could call themselves coach. When hiring a coach, it is important to carefully check the coach’s background, experience and what kind of certification they have beforehand. The risk of hiring a coach, which does not have a solid education, may be that he or she is lacking in both ethical rules and knowledge.

Tommy’s is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), through CTI (Coaches Training Institute) which is one of the most rigorous coaching programs in the world. He is also a Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) through TCI (Team Coaching International). In addition he also holds the designation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, Tommy has also done ORSC Fundamentals (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) as well as 3 years at Malmö University studying Sports Science and specializing in leadership.

Usually between 6-12 sessions with about 1-3 weeks in between sessions. That usually amounts to a process of 3-6 months. You can also choose longer or shorter arrangements depending on what you want to work on.

There is usually a queue of about 2-3 months to start with Tommy. Once in a while, there’s an opening earlier (mostly during summer) but to secure a place, it’s best to book your sessions ahead of time. If you feel like you can’t wait, then there is of course also the opportunity to go to one of Tommy’s coaches who usually have openings much faster.

Tommy specializes in working with mental training and coaching for athletes, leaders/managers and teams (both corporate and sports). He works with individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and athletes of all levels and ages. Tommy also holds talks, workshops and trainings/courses for companies, sports teams, municipalities and organizations. In cases where Tommy is not able to take on an individual client, he has a couple of coaches with whom he cooperates. These coaches are quality assured and hold at least PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certification according to ICF.

Nothing to worry about! We always offer a complimentary 30 minute call before deciding anything. The call is to let Tommy know a little about you and what you want to work on. You will also get to ask whatever questions you might have and see if the chemistry between you and Tommy makes him the right coach for you. You can book an intro call här 

Tommy is based in Malmö, which is in the south of Sweden. His clients are spread out all over Sweden as well as around Europe and the United States, which is why most sessions take place via phone/whatsapp or Zoom. Tommy’s office is open for those who wants to meet him in Malmö. The same goes for Tommy’s coaches who are currently in both Stockholm and Malmö.

Coaching is a relationship on equal terms. That is why it is important that you ask for what you need and are open with how you experience the process so that the relationship between you and your coach is clear, open and honest. Even so, should you somewhere along the process feel like we are finished or you’d like to terminate the relationship before you have used all your sessions – The value for the sessions not used will be refunded to you.

That said, we are so confident that this will be one of the best investments of your life that we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after the third session. Some conditions applies*

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